The Dell XPS 18: A Legitimate Windows 8 Device

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013


At home, we share a Macbook Pro 13 for all household computing needs: watching online TV, Facebook, programming, gaming, etc. This arrangement poses several problems, primarily that we can’t all use the device at the same time, unless we are watching TV.

I’ve hesitated getting another computer ever since the release of Windows 8. First, I would not purchase a Windows laptop. None could match my satisfaction of a Macbook Pro, with or without Windows. The Microsoft Surface is the best all around laptop in the lot but it still feels like a toy and I’m looking for a device that can be more than just a 10 inch display. Traditional desktops are also out of the question. We have neither desk nor space in the apartment. As for getting another Macbook, I am waiting for their next iteration in June to see what Apple has in store. They traditionally upgrade their lines with better hardware and drop the prices on existing models around that time.

It seemed the purchase of a second computer was postponed for another time until this recent announcement of the XPS 18 from Dell. Thought it is a desktop, it could be transported like a (big) tablet and set up in any room of the house. It will have a small profile and could be placed in a bookcase or hidden out of sight until its ready to be taken out. In addition, the screen is generous and would be great for light gaming or TV.


I can’t say today that this device is a definite buy. However, I have not been this excited about a Windows 8 device since November and I can’t wait to get my hands on it in the coming months.

Original images from The Verge.

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